With winter on its way and reports of a potentially bad and snowy winter, it's important to get your tires checked so you can be safe on the road. Now we're not just talking about the actual tire and its tread, but also the tire alignment. If you're driving with misaligned tires, you may be able to feel that slight pull to either the left or right, and on the snow and ice, that pull could lead to a more serious issue - crashing off the road or into the other lane of traffic. When the weather is especially bad in the winter, properly aligned wheels offer better contact and traction between your tires and the road, which is safer for you and other drivers.

Along with keeping you straightened up on the road, a wheel alignment will help ensure that your tires are receiving even pressure to all parts. When your tires are misaligned, they wear unevenly. Since winter tires, which are designed for better traction by pulling the slush and snow off of the road, are generally made of a softer rubber, those will wear even faster from the stress of misalignment.

At St. Marys Chrysler, we offer tire alignments to make sure you're getting the smoothest ride and that your tires are wearing evenly. Our qualified service technicians are able to adjust the angle of each wheel so they will be aligned perfectly vertical and parallel. With perfectly aligned tires, you may also notice a bit of an increase in your fuel economy.

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